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Day 1

Starter - Hello song.

Let us start the week with our hello song, give your child time to respond and join in with the song.

Puffins Class Hello Song

Activity 1 - My Communication, Language and literacy

Good morning!

  1. Today we are going to be reading our main class story. Click on the YouTube link below and that will take you to our main story ‘Outside my Window’. Support your child listening to the story on a phone, iPad or a computer. After you have listen to the story spend some time going back and looking at all the different things the children in the story can see outside their window.
  2. Go to a window in your home and support your child looking for things off the scavenger hunt list. Your child needs to write in the box the thing they have identified to match something on the list. For example, in the something green box your child might write ‘grass’. If your child is finding it tricky to hear the sounds in the word they can just write the initial sound e.g. ‘f’ for flower.

Activity 2 - My Thinking and problem solving

Today we are going to sing some number songs.

For this activity, you will need the communication board so your child can choose what song they want to sing. We will use education city to access the songs (if you can’t access education city please contact your class teacher or get the songs up on YouTube).

When listening to the songs encourage your child to count along, pause the song and see if they know what number is next. Come up with actions to help you child remember the songs.

Once your child has chosen a few songs we are going to choose some number activities. On your child’s education city area select addition to 20. On there you will find a few activities. Get your child to try two, if they are enjoying they can always do more.