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Day 3

It's w, w, w, w, w... Day 3!

Hello Anna! Let's start day 3 together.

Activity 1- listening games


  • Sing the hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up”, ready to start
  • Show “The Queen’s Handbag” book as a reminder
  • “ Go” game with bag symbol. When I say “go” run/ walk around the room. When I say, “stop” can you find the “bag” symbol?
  • Show the “Queen’s hat” story. Remind them we have read it already
  • Show the picture of the soldiers in “bearskins”
  • Sing and march to “The Grand Old Duke of York”
  • Sing our goodbye song

Symbols for

  1. Today’s session
  2. Go, stop, walk, run, listen handbag
  3. Marching soldiers symbols
  4. Song board for “Grand Old Duke of York”

Video of

Today’s listening session

Activity 2 - My communication and literacy

  1.  Listen to the story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’. Follow the YouTube link below!
  2. Main – making a story map!

Today we are making a story map of ‘The Queen’s handbag’. Story maps help your children to remember and retell the story. It also gives them a great sensory-visual resource that they can use when the story is being told. It is something they can use independently or with support.

 Support your child cutting and sticking all the different places the Bad Swan took the Queen’s Handbag. I have attached a PDF of a ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ story map to show you an example of a story map. Use this to support you making the map. Some places have picture for you to stick from the story and others have materials. For example, for the Stonehenge you have grey tissue paper and Snowdonia there are some brown pieces of card you can use to make the mountains. If you have any resources at home you would like to use rather than a picture from the resource pack please feel free to get creative!

  1. When you have completed the story map you can use it at any time to retell the story. You may want to give you child some free choice time after completing the map and then bring them pack to use the map to retell the story. Please use the Queen cut out to support your child retelling the story.


Time has been set aside today for teams calls. If you have any concerns or would like a chat please get in touch and I will happily arrange a half an hour time slot. 

Activity 4 – My Independence – P.E.

Today we are going to do some moving and shaking. On this website there are lots of 10 minute activities to get your child up and moving at home. The best part is they can choose their favourite Disney character to do the activity alongside them.

Hope you have lots of fun, and remember to share photos with your teacher.