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Kingfishers Class

Making Pirate pizzas!

Our Terrific Treasure Map!


After reading the book 'Yo Ho Ho! A Pirating we will Go!' we created our own treasure maps. The children used a range of tools to create their maps including pencils, scissors and glue!  

Testing our Pirate boats!

Carrying out a sequence of actions to create chocolate milk!

Fine Motor Fun

Pirates love Underpants! 


After reading the story 'Pirates love Underpants' we headed to the forest school area to search for pants with numbers on! We found the pants then practised our number formation. 

Crowns Just Like The Queen



Oh no! On Monday night, Kingfisher class was taken over by pirates.


They've change our role-play area into a pirate ship, left their clothes and treasure in class and put a warning sign on our classroom door!



Key texts this term

Welcome back! 


We hope you enjoyed your half term break. We are very excited about our pirate topic this term and can't wait to have lots of fun and adventures with the children. 


Check out what we will be getting up to this term on our Topic Map below and see the key texts we will be exploring this term above. 



Liss and Kingfisher team


My Writing 


This week we read the story 'Dogger'. After the child created their own story about loosing their favourite toy!

In the afternoon the children shared them with the rest of the class in circle time.

Creating marks with ice paint!

Bird Feeders


In forest school we made bird feeders. The children scooped out the flesh of an orange, carefully pushed two skewers in, tied string around them and filled the orange with bird seeds. 

Show and tell: Our Favourite toys!

My Thinking 


The children this week have been working hard on developing either their  understanding of numbers, patterns, sequences, cause and effect or operating different toys/equipment. 


The photos in the slide show below show some of the children working hard to make collections that are the same as another, using objects, pictures and numerals. Later on in the week they went on to explore sequences and focused on first and last. The children positioned themselves and objects in a line following the instructions of first, next and last and were also able to identify who/what was first or last in the sequence. 

Exploring how to operate different toys!

Key texts

Welcome back! 


I hope you all had an amazing Easter holidays and enjoyed lots of chocolate eggs. It is lovely to have the children back in class and we are all really looking forward to the term! 


With the weather getting dryer and warmer we will be spending as much time outside in our courtyard a possible. Our topic this term is toys, please see all our key text we will be using above and check out our Class Topic map below. 



Liss and Kingfisher team


Forest school Egg Hunt

Celebrating the Buddhist festival Songkran with water and sand!

My Thinking 

For our My Thinking work this week we are exploring length and weight. Today we read the story 'Ants Rule. The long and short of it'. After, we ordered different bugs buy length and stated which one was the shortest and which one was longest from a choice of three. We then went outside for forest school and ordered different natural materials by length. 

Cause and effect games using switches and a touch game

Geography Field trip to ASDA


Our topic this term in geography is 'Our Local Area'. In class we have been looking at maps of Hereford and labelling them with key symbols. Last week we went of a field trip to ASDA. The children had a list of things to spot on their walk. We spotted houses, cars, street lamps, traffic lights and a bridge. In class this week the children drew the route they walked on a map and labelled the map with the key places we passed on our journey. 

Police visit! 

What an amazing way to start our 'Real Heroes' topic! Two police officers visited us at the end of the day today. The children got to go in the police car and try on the police coats! 

SUPERTATO! Celebrating books and promoting reading!



In science this term we are learning about plants and what they need to grow. Some of us engaged in a plant and soil sensory experience and others began our class investigation.


For our investigation we planted beans in pots and decided we would give one no water, one no sunlight, one no soil, one no heat and one had everything. We will log the beans progress weekly in our bean diary over the term. I wonder which one will grow the most? 

Key Texts this Term

Welcome back!


Hope you've had a lovely half term break. 


This term our topic is Real Heroes. We will be learning about all the people who help us at home, school and in the community.  We hope to go out into the community and visit some of the places where these heroes work!


The texts we will be covering are shown above and if you want to check out our topic map to see what we are getting up to across the curriculum this term please follow the link below! 




Forest school


Last week in forest school we made mud paint! We dug up some soil and mixed it with powder paint and water. Then we painted some lovely pictures using our mud paint!


Today we extended our activity by making our own paintbrushes! We found a stick and tied some leaves or grass to the stick using an elastic band. Then we used our paintbrushes to paint with the mud paint again.