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Day 2

Starter Activity - Looking and Listening game


The listening games for today and tomorrow have no videos of Cate. Instead, we would like you to carry out the task with your child using the lesson plans and symbols to support the session.

There are two videos in this session. One is to be used at the start, again with symbols. It is of the “wind the bobbin up song” which finishes with hands on knees ready to look and listen. .

The second video is “I am the music man” to be used with symbols after the listening activity which has involved playing with instruments. We hope your child enjoys them.

Activity 2 – My Thinking and problem solving –Number


Good morning! Today we are going to be creating a number line.

Using the tiles in your pack get your child to write the numbers 1 – 15. Get your child to lay them out on the floor in order.

Now for the fun bit. Get your child to go around the house to find different items to create their timeline. Have a look at the document below for some inspiration.

Once you have created your number line, take a photo to send to me.

Now, use the items your child has collected to make number bonds to 10.


Too easy – why not try creating a number line going up in 2s, 5s or even 10s

Activity 3 – My Communication, Language and literacy - Phonics focus


Good morning!

1. Follow the Youtube link below that will take you to today phonics lesson! The sound focus for today is the ‘t’ phoneme. In your week 2 pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘t’ phoneme.


2. Use the square tiles out from your maths resource pack. Using a white board pen support your child thinking of all the different CVC, CVCC, or CCVC words that contain the ‘t’ phoneme that they can write on the tiles. For example they may write tap  ‘t-a-p’ or mat  ‘m-a-t’. Make sure to write one sound per tile. 


Activity 3 - My World and How it Works - My Science


Good morning! Today we are making a well-being jar like I use in my breathing exercise video. If you would like the link to this video re-sent then please let me know. You can also find out more about well-being jars here:

Activity 1:            Design your well-being jar.  Think about what you would like your well-being jar to look like. What do you really like? It could be space, unicorns or snow. See what materials you have in your home and add them to your design. has some examples that you could use for inspiration.

Activity 2:            Make your well-being jar.

You will need:

A jar (I use plastic ones) because there is a danger that the jar can be dropped.




Food colour

Bubble liquid/ clear hand soap/ glycerine/ vegetable oil

Super glue or glue gun.

It would be lovely to see your jars once you have made them! Don’t forget to use them when you are feeling a little anxious or angry.