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Day 2

Welcome back from Kenya and Tanzania 

Did you have a lot of fun on your journey?

Today we will be listening to lots of different languages. We have had videos from the European countries; Hungary, Spain, Greece and France. They are kindly singing their favourite rhyme for us! 


Then we will have a quick jaunt over the Mediterranean Sea which is between Europe and Africa. 


Are you ready?

Activity 1- My Communication

Lesson plan

A Polish book. Poland is in Europe

Activity 2- My communication- My letters and sounds


Play the game Phonics play called ‘Flash Cards time Challenge’ and go through all the different phase 2 phonemes.

Follow the link below. 


You will need to login to play this game-

Username – march20

Password – home


Then click on phase 2 and scroll down to Flash Cards time challenge. Select phase 2, then 1 or 2 minutes.



In phonics the children learn how to tell the difference between real words and fake words (nonsense words). This helps them in the future to be able to decode new words.

Play the game Buried nuts! Activity instructions and resources are below or in your home learning pack.

Activity 3- My thinking

Today we will be looking at the number 8. 8 is a very lucky number in China and by giving someone 8 of something is like giving them good luck.

Activity 4- My world

Starter: Listen to Liss reading pages about happiness around the world from the book ‘Welcome to Our World’. (Pages of the book are available on PDF if you want to read them with your child.


Main: It’s time to spread some happiness around the world! Watch, listen and join in with people around the world dancing to Pharrell Williams Happy.


Now you can show what makes you happy in any way you want! You could support your child doing this by:


Finding/printing photos to make a collage of all the things that make them happy.


Painting a picture of something that makes them happy.


If dancing makes them happy make up a dance and send us a video!


If singing make them happy sing a song and send a video to us