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Summer 2 update!  'Water are we doing this term?' 


Hi all and welcome back to Wrens Class page. 


This term Wrens are going to explore our topic 'Water'. We will be listening and role playing stories like 'Shark's Big Surprise' , 'Rainbow Fish' and Smiley Shark!'. 


In the topic map below, you can find some details on what Wrens class will be working on this term. 


Already this term, Wrens have made beautiful fish and ocean art using range of colours through mixing and mark making. We have explored the ocean deep with water play and played I spy with a variety of sea creatures! 



Water Topic Map - Summer 2

Welcome Back to the Wrens Class Page- Summer 1 photo update!

Summer 1 'On the farm' 


Hi all, 


Wrens Class are going to the farm! We will be searching, listening,discovering and laerning about all the animals on the farm by playing animal bingo, small world play, going to a farm and meeting lots of animals. Wrens Class will plant seeds and watch them gorw in our own little garden. 


Also this term, we ar celebrating the coronation and play kings and queens, act our own cermony to crown a King or Queen of Wrens Class. 


Matt and the team

Summer 1 'On the farm' Topic Map

Topic Map Spring 2 'Once upon a time'

Spring term update! 


Wrens class loved exploring and pretending to firefighters, police officers and carers this Spring term! 


Wrens Class have worked so well on their sounds, imagainitive play and art skills this term and earned a special visit from Hereford's own emergency services coming very soon! 



Happy New Year to all in Wrens Class. This term we are learning about Emergencies! 


We going to be the Emergency Services for Blackmarston School and ensure our community is a safe place! 


This term, our focus will be continuing to develop independence in routines such as toileting, snack and dinner times.

We are loooking to develop conistent and meaningful attention to actvities or in communication. We will introduce a new activity called Attention Autism to aid Wren's attention and learning skills! 


Hope everyone has a wonderful term! 


Matt, Teresa, Hayley, Hannah and Kelly. 



Wrens are having lots of fun creating the Sun, Moon and the Earth using papermache! 

Wrens loved playing with airplanes, helicopters and flying animals and Wrens are working really hard on their imaginative play skills and motor skills! Well done Wrens! 

Wrens enjoyed reading Christmas stories, decorating the class and making presents for Mums and Dads! 

Hello Everyone! 


This term in Wrens Class we are going to look into the sky and discover all amazing things there are if you just look up! 


Wrens are going to make the planets of the solar system and fly in their very own airplane on Blackmarston Airlines. 


This term, Wrens will focus on the important celebrations such as Halloween, Remembrance and Christmas. 


Thanks all ,



Autumn 1 : Home, Friends and Pets! 


It has been so exciting to meet and get to know all of Wrens Class pupils this year! 

This term, Wrens have focussed on routines, relationships and communication. 

Wrens class have adapted so well to their new environment and exploring all the facilities in school. Soft play is a favourite! 


Wrens have built new relationships with peers and with our class team Hannah, Kelly, Hayley and Teresa. It has been a pleasure to see all Wrens pupils playing and interacting with each other this term. Well done all. 

In Wrens we are focussed on building on strong communcaiton links for all children so that Wrens pupil can have a voice and show their needs and wants. Wrens Class are growing in confidence in their ability to communciate in their new environment! 

In our topics this term Wrens Class went on a bear hunt! We explored sensory activities such as water, sand and gloop. We celebrated our independence skills with a tea party! The buscuits and cakes were delicous! 

Welcome to Wrens Class Page! 


On this page you will be able to find all things Wrens Class from the academic year 2022-2023. 


This year Wrens class topics are home and pets, in the sky, emergencies, once upon a time, on the farm and smily shark!