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Friday 12th February 2021

My Communication

Focus: My Reading

Using the Picture/caption match activity sheet (Picture/caption match reading comprehension 12.2.21 activity 1) read the caption independently or with adult support. Think about the different pictures and what is happening in each and match the caption to the picture.

My Thinking

Focus: My Shape, Space & Measure

*You will need kebab sticks for this activity*

Story of Handa’s surprise with Sally:

Making fruit pattern kebabs. Slice/peel a selection of fruit. Using kebab sticks, make a two stage repeating pattern using banana and apple, for example. Place a slice of banana, then a slice of apple, then banana, then apple on to your kebab stick. Ask your child to continue the pattern. Progress to a three stage pattern, for example, banana, apple, orange, banana, apple, orange and ask your child to continue.

Katie would love to see photographs of your yummy fruit kebabs – ask an adult to email some photographs!

My Independence:

Focus: My Life Skills / Topic

Explore foods around the world by watching:

With an adult to support, explore foods around the world by reading ‘Welcome to our world food 12.2.21 activity 3’.

We are going to make some delicious Western African food. You can choose from an African Lime Cake

or African Honey Fruit Sticks (you could use the fruit kebabs you made earlier!) Choose which you would like to make and find your instructions/ingredients (12.2.21 activity 3 – select ingredients/instructions for your chosen food).