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Day 5

Activity 1 - Chocolate sensory play.

It’s chocolate day! We have provided a guide to sensory activities that can be done with chocolate. They all provide a fantastic sensory learning experience for you and your child and they smell great as well! Although these are sensory activities we know that some of our children cannot resist a taste so for those of you that have dietary concerns the recipes can be adapted with other powders such as milk shake powders. You may even wish to use spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg or leave them out altogether. We would love to see photos of your sensory play times. 

Activity 2 - My Independence: Life skills

Hello! Today we will be making two different kinds of bird feeders. Can you see any birds when you look outside your window? Maybe your feeders will bring more birds for you to see. We would love to know if they do!

For the first bird feeder you will need:


Pipe cleaners

String or thread to hang.

For the second bird feeder you will need:

Toilet roll inner 

Peanut butter (or nut free alternative)

Bird seed


Knife or spoon

String or thread to hang.

Ext- Once you have made your feeders hang them in a place that isn’t too covered and hopefully birds will soon visit. See if you can identify them using the bird spotter sheet provided or go to for more bird spotting ideas and information!

Activity 3 – My Thinking and problem solving – Shape


Today we are looking at shape!

First, listen to this song -  

For today’s activity, we are going to build our own shape house. In your pack, you will find a picture of a house. Get your child to cut round the pieces to match to the house picture. This will help them develop their fine motor. Once they have matched all of the shapes look at their house. Is it the same or different? Can they count the windows? What shapes can they see?

Activity 4 - My Creativity and play–Messy play/fine-motor skills.


In Messy play sessions, we will give you a few options, in case you do not have certain materials at home.  Pick an activity and enjoy!

Option 1- Make salt dough. Then dough gym.

Suggested materials needed;

See salt dough recipes in your pack.  You could also use home-made pizza or bread dough too. Ready bought playdough would also work.

Playdough cutters,

Rolling pin.

Activity-Gather your ingredients and explore each one at a time.  How do they feel, smell and taste (where appropriate)? When ingredients are added together, explore how the materials change.  Describe how they feel, (soft, sticky, dry etc) and have fun exploring and getting messy.  If you feel more comfortable getting messy outside, then take the activity into the garden, balcony or a green space if you can.  Show your child how important it is to get messy and how much fun it can be.  Once you have made your dough, you can play with it using a rolling pin and cutters. 

Extension- You can also do dough gym to any of your favourite songs. You just do movements with the dough to music. You can pat it, roll it, squeeze it, press each finger into it, bash it with your fist etc.  This is good to develop your arm, hand and finger movements and strength.  If you like, you can do dough gym along to music videos on youtube.  Just type in ‘dough gym’ and it gives you lots of fun songs.  Some may be a bit fast and you will know which is best for your child. Have fun trying!  (See youtube links on website).  Take some pictures of your activity, we would love to see them.

Option 2-Water play.

Suggested materials needed;


Washing up bowl or water tray,

Washing up liquid or bubble bath,

Water play toys or cups/deep plastic lids etc for pouring,

Food colouring (optional),

Sponge (optional).

Mouldable bath soap (optional).

Activity-Explore water and have fun filling and emptying containers.  Talk about how the water feels, (i.e. wet, cold, warm).  Have fun playing with water and add a sponge if you have any, so they can squeeze the water out and notice what happens.  If you have any mouldable bath soap, you can play with it in your hands.  Can they roll it, pat it, squeeze it, press their fingers in it?  Take some pictures of your activity, we would love to see them.

Extension-How you can change the water? Explore what happens when you add food colouring or washing-up liquid/bubble bath? 

 (Note-Start saving any empty food boxes or containers, cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots etc-for next Monday’s Art session).