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Activity 1 

Day 2   Listening


  • Sing the hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up”, ready to start with hands on knees
  • Listen to the story read by Cate
  • Show my handbag
  • Show objects that are inside it
  • I am going to take them out, can you listen and name what you hear
  • Sing our goodbye song



  1. Good listening
  2. Wind the bobbin up
  3. Large handbag
  4. Items in handbag. Keys, money, water bottle, phone, pencils in a tin

Video of

Today’s listening session



Activity 2 - My thinking number 


Today we are going are going to look at the different shapes around London.

In your pack you will find lot of different cards with different landmarks. Have a look through and find your favourite. What shapes can you see? What colours can you see?


Can you make your favourite building? Using blocks or Lego. You could use junk modelling to build a building just like in one of these pictures.

If you don’t have any of these materials you could try to draw your picture. In your pack, you will find a colouring page that your child might like to colour in.

Activity 3 – My communication – phonics


Good morning!

  1. Follow the Youtube link below that will take you to today’s phonics video! The sound focus for today is the ‘m’ phoneme. In week 2 pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘m’ phoneme.
  2. After, using the ‘find the sound’ sheet in your week 2 resource pack support your child to circle all the things on the sheet that begin with the ‘m’ phoneme.
  3. Practice forming the ‘m’ phoneme on the formation sheet. Or you can do this on paper, in flour, sand or rice. Some children may prefer to practise formation on a whiteboard with a pen if you have one.

Activity 4 – My world and how it works – science


Think about our story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’. The Queen visits lots of different landmarks in the UK. Some of them are manmade structures and today we are going to be making our own!

Activity 1. Make a tower. 


 How tall can you make a tower from paper cups (or toilet roll tubes) and paper plates? What do you have to do to make the tower stable? (Don’t cheat and use sellotape!)

Ext: What other things around your house can you find to make a tower with? 

 Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation and email it to your teacher!


Activity 2. Making a bridge to cross a river. 

Quick! The Queen is in her car and needs to cross a river! Can you make a bridge to cross the river?

Using your lego, duplo or building blocks create a bridge to go across the river. 

Test your bridge by pushing a toy car across it. Did it go the whole way?  If it didn’t, how could you improve your design?