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Day 1

Activity 1 

Watch the story of Stanley's Stick on: collect as many sticks as you can find, think of ideas of what they could be, write these down on a note pad/ paper OR  take photos of you holding the stick and then write/ type on what you are pretending it is using an IT device OR record a video of you saying what your sticks are, pretending to use them as different things. (Keep your sticks for Day 3). 


Using sticks in mud/ water practice forming the letters of the alphabet saying the sentences from the activity sheet. 


Activity 2 

Count backwards with sticks (from 20/ from 30). 


Activity 3 

Be creative! Invent your own ‘Kerplunk’ game using whatever you can find. Take turns pulling the sticks/straws/spaghetti out of the holes, whoever drops the least leaves/balls/pompoms wins!

Letters and Sounds

Choose some tricky or common exception words to practice writing and spelling.