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Activity 2 –

Life skills- making shortbread biscuits and jam sandwiches

The Queen likes to have afternoon tea parties in her palaces. She invites lots of people and they all enjoy sandwiches, cakes and scones. 

Last week you were royal scone makers and this week is all about short bread biscuits (yum) and jam sandwiches (yum)! 

Help your grown up to measure out the ingredients.  

Activity 3 – My thinking and problem solving

Starter – First, ask an adult for a selection of coins.

Cover the coins with a piece of paper use a crayon or pencil to rub gently over the top.

What can you see? Can you named the coins?


Today we are going to carry on using our toyshop.

Can your child find new toys to use?

Could you try adding items together?

Can your child wait to receive some change?


How to Encourage Role Playing

  1. Find a safe play space for kids to play, whether inside or outside and fill them with stuffed animals, costumes, and props.
  2. Encourage them by being a character yourself.
  3. Read to them in a child tone, leaving open ended questions to stimulate their creativity, practice doing this especially before bed time.
  4. Let them take the lead always and follow their directions.


If you feel your child would rather do a different activity today. I have attached a change giving activity.

Using the coins from the other activities and help your child count out the pennies and then take away the amount and count what’s left.

If you have really pennies even better.

Activity 4 – My creativity and play –Messy Play.

Hello. It’s time to get messy.

Please open the PDF file below for your activities.