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Activity 1 


Today is a music session, my voice isn't as nice as Alisons but hopefully your child will still like it. Fingers crossed!

  • Sing our hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up” ready to start
  • Today we are going to sing some of our favourite songs
  • Show all the symbols of the various songs
  • Show numbers to 5
  • Sing
  1. Miss Polly had a dolly
  2. I am the Music man
  3. 5 cheeky monkeys
  4. 5 coloured bottles
  5. Jelly on a plate
  6. Roly poly
  • Sing our goodbye song




Symbols for

  1. Today’s session
  2. Song boards
  3. Individual songs
  4. Numbers to 5



  1. Dolly
  2. Musical instruments
  3. Monkeys and crocodile
  4. 5 bottles
  5. Jelly
  6. Roly poly (?)

Video of

Today’s music session

Activity 2 – My thinking and problem solving


Today we are going to use our café again.

  1. Let’s create a new menu. What have you got in the cupboards? Create a menu of the favourite treats and snack. When it’s time for a snack or lunch, encourage your child to pay for the items they want.

Too easy – Make you child add together the prices of the items they want.


Great idea – Make your child earn their money. Are there little jobs they could help with around the house to earn extra pennies?


Activity 3 – My Communication – phonics

Good morning!

  1. Follow the Youtube link below that will take you to today’s phonics video! The sound focus for today is the ‘ch’ phoneme. In your Day 2 pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘ch’ phoneme.
  2. After, using the ‘Chuck the Chick’ sheet in your Day 4 resource pack support your child reading the story and spotting all the ‘ch’ phoneme. Circle all the ‘ch’ you find!

Practice writing the ‘ch’ phoneme on the find and write the ‘ch’ word sheet.