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Day 5

Activity 1 

Design and make your own stick character like the dinosaur in the story.

1. Use materials you can find or make, such as different sized sticks/cello tape/glue/ googly eyes etc.

2. Think of a name for your stick character.


Using sticks in mud/ water practice forming the letters of the alphabet saying the sentences from the activity sheet. 


Activity 2 

Can you paint your sticks, using only two or three colours? Then make a repeating pattern with your coloured sticks.


Activity 3 


Journey Stick

To make one, find an interesting stick in the woods/garden/park and wrap some thread around it. As you explore the woods, look for natural items to remind you of your adventure. A feather might remind you of beautiful birdsong, while a leaf might help you remember a tree you climbed. Tuck your treasures into the thread to keep them safe, then at the end of your adventure use them to share stories about what you’ve seen and done.