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Day 1

Hello Everyone or should I say Giasou everyone!  Watch the hello song below! 


Activity 1: My communication 


Starter:  Read the pages about different clothes from the book ‘Welcome to our world’ to your child. Explore all the beautiful pictures together!  PDF pages are available below.


Main -

Explain to your child that people around the world have different clothes they wear on special occasions. Spend some time looking at the picture of clothes around the world with your child. Talk about the colours, the patterns, what do they like, what don’t they like? Are any similar to things they wear? Do they wear dresses on special occasions? What is different about the clothes?


Choose a tasks:


  1. Look through all the different types of special clothing you have in your house. Can you dress up in the clothes and pick your favourite outfit?


  1. Take a photo or draw a picture of you wearing your special clothes.  Can you label the picture with the symbols?

Can you label the picture with initial sounds e.g. h for hat or d for dress


  1. Can you draw a picture if you favourite outfit from the photos. Can you label the picture with initial sounds?


Story time with Liss 

Listen to Liss reading Adam’s story from the Canada. 


Activity 2: My thinking 


Activity 3: Forest school