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Day 2

My Communication

Focus: Writing composition

Starter: Today we are going to look at one of our key texts – Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. I have attached a PDF below of the book. Each page talks about a different God or Goddesses. Choose a couple to read to your child.

Activity: Today we will be looking at hieroglyphics. Can you crack the code? Why not try to write you own name in hieroglyphics.


My Thinking

Focus: Properties of 2D shape.

Starter: Listen to this shape song -


Activity: Shape spotting. Below you will find attached a sheet called shape spotting. Talk through with your child what shapes they can see. Start by colouring in the top shapes to make it easier for your child to match too.   

My World and how it works

Focus: Geography/History

What was life like as an Egyptian?

Look through the PowerPoint.

What do you think is happening in the pictures?

Does your house look like this?

How is your house different?

How is your house similar?

Activity: Looking at the picture can you label what you see.