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Day 1

You should have already received your home learning packs. A new one will be sent in two weeks. If the pack hasn't arrived by tomorrow please let me know and I will send another. All the resources will also be here. Have fun doing these activities and feel free to send some photos/videos. We would love to see what you have been up to!

What day is it today? 

It's a day starting with the sound 'm' but what is it? Let's find out with Anna! 

(We will be recording new videos over the coming days. If you would like to create your own for us to share that would be brilliant!) 

Activity 1 - Story massage 

Good morning! Today we are doing a lovely story massage to our story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’. The guidance has the words on or the lovely Liss from Kingfishers has recorded herself reading it. Do the movements along with the story. It is such an amazing activity and you can use the guidance to adapt the story massage to your favourite nursery rhymes or stories.

Activity 2 - My communication and literacy

Good morning!

  1. Follow the link below to listen to the class story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’ read by Liss.
  2. Please see the lesson activity plan below.

Activity 3 – My thinking and problem solving  

Today we are going to look at all of the transport the Queen uses in our story ‘The Queens Handbag’.


  1. Go through the story and see what transport you kind find. Next find your worksheet ‘Transport I spy’ you will need to count all of the different transport and see what we have the most. Challenge can you count how many wheels we have on the page?
  2. We also have a number matching activity. Can you count the dots on the cars and put them in the right place.
  3. Now a chance to get outside. Take your car colour survey out on a walk with you. Marking off all the different colour cars, you see.

Too easy -   Why not try one out our transport dot to dots. Working on your pencil control as well. 

Activity 4 – My creativity and play – Art and design

Hello. It’s time to be creative.

Please see click on the PDF file below, for your activities.