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Robins Class

School closure



We hope that all of our Robins are keeping safe and well. Kate M has sent out emails to all of our parents with an overview of what will be happening over the coming weeks. It is an unsettling time for us all and Robins team would just like to let our children (and parents) know that we are thinking of them. Kate will be available via email for any questions, support or requests for resources. 


Nobody should feel alone at this time and we are here to help in any way we can. Home learning packs will be posted on Monday and the home learning pages will also have lesson plans and resources on. 


We hope that you have lots of fun with the home learning packs and we would love to see what you have all made! 


See you all very, very soon.


The Robins Team.



Welcome back! 

It was so lovely to open our doors to our wonderful little Robins once again! We have started this half term with a bang and done lots of work about bonfire night. Kate P encouraged classroom redecoration with splatter painting and glitter tray work! The children had so much fun doing this and their artwork was amazing.


The queen is our focus for this half term and we have so much planned to learn all about her! We have started our topic by painting a large portrait to adorn our display board in the hallway. It just needs some embellishments before we hang it up because every queen needs some sparkle! 


We explored London using a map and the landmarks from our book 'The Queen's Hat' and the children were outstanding map readers! They found all the landmarks and discussed all the other things they could see. We are off on a trip around England in a couple of weeks time so we are looking forward to them guiding us then! 


Our budding scientists discovered the differences between light and heavy objects in our classroom and were able to separate them into groups that reflected their weight. There was some fascinating hypotheses about what item would be heavier and why! 


This half term our my number topic is addition and subtraction so we have started with addition and the children have shown real confidence with adding one more. We will continue to build on this over the next few weeks. 


We are also looking at 2D and 3D shapes. The children were able to identify basic shapes in the landmarks from our book and to create their own using lolly sticks. 


We took advantage of dry weather and the newly created Forest School area to enjoy child led learning in the open! The children enjoyed it so much and their imaginative play was just mind-blowing and a real pleasure to watch. We had an old man, a wizard, magic seeds and a great game of hide and seek. We will definitely be using this valuable resource much, much, more. 


It has been a great start to this half term and we cannot wait to see what next week brings. Well done Robins Class!



The Queen's Hat and bonfire fun! 1.mp4

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An overview of the exciting things that are ahead of us this half term!

Happy half term everybody!

I have said it many times but I feel like I should say it again; Robins Class is the best class at Blackmarston. The children are just phenomenal in all that they have achieved this half term. I look around the classroom at all the hard work they have done and I am just overwhelmed at their creativity and clear signs of engagement. 


The whole of Robins team feel lucky to have this wonderful bunch to teach us new things daily and we always come away with a smile. 


Our book this week was 'The worrysaurus' and we even had a visit from the dinosaur himself! He did knock a table over and poo in the classroom which was a bit yucky and the children wrote him letters to find out why he didn't use the toilet. He kindly replied to each child that wrote to him and I think it is safe to say that they forgave him.


We had a bit of spooky fun as well. The classroom was covered in all sorts of Halloween decorations and we made witches hats, fizzing pumpkins and did size sorting using real pumpkins (which we cut open the feel the insides). 


We went to the hall and had the large equipment out. The children climbed so high! They are very brave (braver than me). We also saw some outstanding balancing along the bench and stepping stones. 


One of the most rewarding parts of this half term is the friendships that all the children have fostered. You can see the connections being made and growing stronger with each interaction. Every day is a new reason to smile in Robins Class. 


We also had the first ever Robins awards which gave us the opportunity to celebrate the progress made this half term. The awards were:

My independence: Elijah 

My social skills and relationships: Evelyn 

My communication: Leo 

My science: Nathan

My letters and sounds: Sofia 

My number: Travis

Speech and language: Wesley 


Well done Robins! 


Have a lovely half term everyone.

Half term!.mp4

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Happy Week! 

Robins class had a happy week this week with our main text 'Where happiness begins'. We made binoculars to look for happiness and talked about what made us happy.


The class had fun with Kate P on Thursday and did a floating and sinking experiment! The children had an amazing time and lots of scientific discovery.

Alison added to our happy week with her music session that everyone loves joining in with (even the adults!). It is always a brilliant day when Alison is in.


Not only did we have music but we also had dancing. We made raisins dance using fizzy water. There were some outstanding investigations and descriptive language used during this activity!


On Friday we had a happy party to celebrate what was a very good week. We did lots of sensory activities and had the music playing so we could have a bit of a dance. What a lovely way to end the week. 

Happy week.mp4

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'We are together' week.

Wow! This week has just flown by! I think it must be because we made kites at the start of the week.


This week we have been exploring friendship using the book 'We are together'. It is such a beautiful book with lots to use as inspiration for our work. We did word formation work using the word 'friend' and made a piece of work using our best friend's face and their name. 


We also made paper dolls which the children decorated to look like themselves and their friend. There were a lot of smiley faces drawn on our paper dolls! 


Using the description of a cold place we made ice lanterns which really didn't work but we did some really focused, child-led, learning to explore the ice and what happens as it melts. The children used some amazing scientific language to describe what had happened to the water after we had put it in the freezer and what was happening when we sprayed the ice with water.


We had the hall this week and we used the large apparatus to practice turn taking with our friends. There were some very big jumps from our little robins! 


Group 1 had their first lesson in the pool and it was so lovely to see them experiencing it for the first time this year. We had a rendition of 'baby shark' and lots of bobbing in the water. We had such a good time that no one wanted to leave the water! 


Thank you to everyone who has returned the forms and surveys we have recently sent out. We really do appreciate your support a lot. 







'We are together' week.mp4

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'Here we are' week.


We have had such a fun week in Robins Class! We have travelled into space and looked back at Earth from the International Space Station, drawn around our bodies, explored who we are and made eruptions in a volcano experiment. 


The children have been absolutely amazing and used the materials we were experimenting with in so many different ways! Each piece of work that has been created is so unique to each child and is the result of a wonderful problem solving process! 


I love the book that we had this week and think I could have done a whole half term on it alone because the children really engaged well with it. But, we are moving on and back to Earth for 'We are together'. I'm really looking forward to what wonders next week will bring...

Robins 'Here we are' week.mp4

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'While we can't hug' week.


This week we have made lots of rainbows because hedgehog and tortoise painted rainbows to show everyone that they were good friends. 


We did experiments making rainbows using a torch and a CD. The torch made lots of different rainbows on the CD and when we moved the CD the rainbows changed shape! Then, we made walking rainbows! We each put water into a tub and added some dye then created a bridge using filter paper between each tub. It was fascinating to observe the colours climbing up the paper and joining in the middle!


Making rainbow noodles was great sensory fun! Everyone put noodles into a bag and chose a coloured dye to squeeze on top. Then we shook and squidged it until the noodles changed colour. They looked very bright when we finished. 


More sensory fun was had when we made flower squish bags. We looked at giving gifts to friends by reading the story 'Footpath Flowers' and passing out flowers to each other. Then we decided to make sensory bags using the flowers, baby wash and glitter which we hung on the window so that our friends can see them when they are in the playground. 


We also did a big rainbow collage as a class which we are very proud of and we can see from outside and in the circle when we gather for 'hellos'. 


Next week we will be looking at 'We are here'. Our experiment will be making volcanoes. We can't wait!! 



Making rainbows and squish bags to hang on our window and share with our friends outside

Walking rainbows experiment. We were all scientists making rainbows!

21.09.2020 Welcome back Robins Class!


It's a new school year in your new classroom and we have really enjoyed seeing your friendly faces come through the door each morning! 

The world has been upside down and inside out recently so we have been taking time to explore our emotions, how we can be kind to our friends and focusing on our own well-being and the well-being of those around us. 


We have looked at two books so far and we are just starting on our third. We started the year with 'This is the nest that robin built' to welcome us all as the brand new robins and also to build our own nests for our display in the corridor. It looks really good and the children worked very hard on it! 


The second book we looked at was 'The colour monster' and this book really engaged the children. They joined in with the story and were able to act out each emotions. They used the props after the sessions were over and it was amazing to see them acting out the story! Our little robins make very good teachers!! 


We also used the colours from the story to make a colour collage for the classroom which we can look at when we are feeling some of the big emotions from the book and remember that it is okay to feel this way because there is always someone there to help us. 


The book for this week is 'While we can't hug' and it is a really good book for chatting about the current situation and not being able to hug the people you love. It also describes other ways you can show people you love them. The funny faces are my favourite and we have some brilliant ones pulled in circle time. 


Phew... I didn't realise we had done so much... But we didn't stop there!! Oh no! We have been outside a lot enjoying the lovely weather. We have decorated our courtyard after looking in our cupboards and seeing what we could use. It looks really good and the children love being out in it.


We have also been in the sensory garden and the children seem really keen to get their gardening gloves on to do the weeding and planting. So that is going to keep us busy for a while. 


Alison has been with us on Thursdays and the children all enjoy her sessions. She has the most wonderful songs and is so good at getting everyone to join in (even the adults have fun pretending they can sing as well as Alison). She is definitely a highlight of our week! 


We have also been getting out of the classroom and going to the hall or the sensory rooms. The children love the freedom that these rooms give them and revel in exploring them and all they have to offer. Their smiles light up the room and it leads to some phenomenal interactive play. 


There is so much more that could be written but I think I will stop for now!! We have another week of fun ahead of us and I look forward to sharing that on here and in Robins News. 


Kate M

What we have planned for this half term

Video welcome form the Robins team - Sept 2020

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Transition booklet to help pupils get ready for starting Robins class in September 2020