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Day 4

Day 4 and it's... 


There is nothing we love more than a music session. It really brightens our day and makes us smile. If you don't have any instruments you could make shakers from bottles and rice or lentils, drums from saucepans and use your body to provide the rhythm. 

  • Sing our hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up” ready to start
  • Today we are going to sing some of our favourite songs
  • Show all the symbols of the various songs
  • Show numbers to 5
  • Sing
  1. Miss Polly had a dolly
  2. I am the Music man
  3. 5 cheeky monkeys
  4. 5 coloured bottles
  5. Jelly on a plate
  6. Roly poly
  • Sing our goodbye song




Symbols for

  1. Today’s session
  2. Song boards
  3. Individual songs
  4. Numbers to 5



  1. Dolly
  2. Musical instruments
  3. Monkeys and crocodile
  4. 5 bottles
  5. Jelly
  6. Roly poly (?)

Video of

Today’s music session