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Day 2

Activity 1: My Communication

Lesson plan

Watch Beatrice, Sebastian and Sofia with their dog Blau from Ecuador say hello to us.

Now watch the video of Beatrice and her mum Sofia read a book for us in both Spanish and English.


Activity 2 - Phonics 


Good morning!


. Follow the link below that will take you to today’s phonics presentation! The sound focus for today is the ‘igh’ phoneme. In your pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘igh’ phoneme.


. Complete the Knight’s Shield cutting and sticking activity. Match the picture shield to correct word.

Activity 3 - My thinking 


For today's lesson you will need to download and print the sheets. Or I will email them to you. Support you child completing the number sentences on the Tens Frame sheet. Use your physical tens frame to support working these out. 


After, complete the challenge sheet! 

Activity 4  - My World around Me 


Starter:  Read the pages about games and toys from the book ‘Welcome to our world’ to your child. Explore all the beautiful pictures together!  PDF pages are available below.


Main: Around the world children play all sorts of games and with all sorts of toys.


Have a think:

 What toys are in your house?

Which one is your favourite?

What games do you play in your house?


Explore the website:

On here there is lots of information about different games and videos of children playing them.


Look through the games and toys PP around the world with your child.


Choose a task:


  1. Choose one of the new games we have learnt about today and have a go at playing it at home
  2. Play one of your favourite games at home and take a picture to send to us!
  3. Make up a new games to play
  4. Draw a picture of your favourite toy. Parent support your child to write its name. Think about why is it your favourite?