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Activity 1 - My Communication, Listening.

Day 3 listening

  • Sing the hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up”, ready to start
  • Show “The Queen’s Handbag” book as a reminder
  • Show my handbag
  • Today I have animals in it!
  • Can you name them and match them to your symbols?
  • I am going to touch one in my bag and they are going to make a noise, do you know which one it was? Point to your symbol to show mum/ dad you know.
  • Sing our good bye song

Symbols for

  1. Today’s session
  2. Good sitting
  3. Wind the bobbin up
  4. Large handbag
  5. Animals in hand bag, monkey, cat, dog, lion, sheep, cow

Video of

Today’s listening session

Symbols to support this activity

Activity 2 - My communication and literacy



  1.  Listen to the story ‘The Queen’s Handbag’ and follow along with your story map!



For today’s activity you will be making a wanted poster for the BAD SWAN. He’s on the loose again and has stolen Liss’s handbag from Kingfisher class. In your resource pack you will find a letter from Liss asking for your help!

Look at the example of the wanted poster underneath to help you lay it out. You will need to include:

. Heading – wanted

. Picture of the Bad Swan and its name

. A reward

. Make it colourful and eye catching!

Use your colour communication sheet to support your child choosing colours.

EXT – play a game of transport bingo!  This is a great way to support your child’s communication development.