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As class is closed today below is a brief outline of what we would have been doing in school.

* Music - We would have Alison in this morning where we would exploring instruments  and playing them alongside familiar songs. Alison has a lovely range of songs but any songs that you and your child are familiar with are fine. We have been exploring starting and stopping playing instruments. If you don't have any instruments you could use a spoon and saucepan.

* Dance Massage - see the link. This is all about over exaggerating facial expressions and linking them to emotions. If you can't access the songs you can sit in front of the mirror and make the faces.

* Sensory play - today we were going to compare wet and dry pasta textures.

* Recognising photos of familiar people - as it has been Valentines day this week we have been talking about people we love. Look at some photos with your child and talk about family/friends - do they show recognition of anyone?

* PMLD yoga - see link. Gentle stretches in their chairs. Be aware of their limitations.

* Understanding the World - take some time to observe the effects of the wind. Can they see the trees moving etc. If it is safe to do so can they feel the wind on their faces.


Alongside these directed activities we would also be sharing books, singing, exploring toys and completing individual physio and communication work.


Have a good half term and stay safe