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Day 3

Session 1 

Wake up and shake up


Sock basketball- using a basket or bin- throw socks in basket counting how many points they score. You can set a timer and work in teams against the clock. 

Session 2

Pre formal- finding common kitchen objects in rice or sand. Can they manipulate the sand/rice using the objects. Scoping, stabbing, spreading, circling. Kitchen utensils: wooden, metal and plastic spoons, cups, spatula etc.


Semi and Formal- Roll dice, identify the number on the dice and write it down.


Ask to roll dice twice and add the amount together. Small toys can be used to show amounts. E.g 3 dinosaurs add 1 dinosaur.


Challenge: Ask if the can takeaway 1 from an amount.

Placing 3 toys in a row- ask children to close their eyes, take one away and see if they spot the difference. Children can count again. Is it the same? Is it different?

Session 3 

Mindfulness colouring sheets


Please find sheet in Kestrels Class webpage.

Please find a word mat of common King and Queens topic words. For example, Knight. Can they describe a Knight, what do they wear and what is there job?