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Additional Activities

  • Sensory exploration of a range of objects and materials. Incorporate fine motor development by giving smaller objects to manipulate.
  • Responding to sounds/turning to look for the source.
  • Tracking – use of lights or toys encourage them to track their movement through the horizontal, (side to side) and vertical planes, (up and down). Can they watch them as they fall out of sight? Can they find a toy that’s been hidden under a blanket
  • Intensive Interaction – developing an awareness of their effect on those around them. In a quiet area copy their movements and sounds. It can take a few minutes but they will sometimes stop and look as they realise what you are doing. Look for eye contact and smiles.
  • Communication – engaging with the adults around them, initiating contact and making their needs known.
  • Making a choice when offered two objects. This could be through looking at the desired object, reaching for it or vocalising.
  • Sharing a book with an adult, focus on looking at the pictures and sitting for just a few minutes.