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Day 3

Happy Wednesday everyone, we hope you are all having a good week!

The first activity today will be another listening activity. There is a video of Cate and Sally if you want to watch it to support your learning. Todays task is all about sounds you can hear in and around your home. You don't have to use the ones we have suggested, please feel free to choose different ones.

Happy listening.

Activity 1 -  Listening game

Wind the bobbin up getting ready to put hands on knees

Listening to sounds around your home

Symbols of objects around the home

Activity 2 – My Communication, Language and Literacy


Today our focus will be developing your child’s writing skills. In your Day 3 resource pack find the ‘I can see sheet’. Support your child writing all the different things they see. Complete the sentence ‘I can see____’.

If your child sees a cat support them to hear the initial sound the in word cat. Ask what sound does the word cccc cat start with? Then support your child writing ‘c’. If they are finding writing the sound tricky they can point to the correct sound on the phonics sheet.

EXT- If they are secure with hearing and writing the initial sound you can challenge them to write down other sounds they can hear in the word.

Learning objectives:

. I can identify the initial phoneme in words

. I am beginning to form letter correctly

Activity 3 - My Independence: Life skills

 Today we will be making two different kinds of bird feeders. Can you see any birds when you look outside your window? Maybe your feeders will bring more birds for you to see. We would love to know if they do!

For the first bird feeder you will need:


Pipe cleaners

String or thread to hang.

For the second bird feeder you will need:

Toilet roll inner 

Peanut butter (or nut free alternative)

Bird seed


Knife or spoon

String or thread to hang.

Ext- Once you have made your feeders hang them in a place that isn’t too covered and hopefully birds will soon visit. See if you can identify them using the bird spotter sheet provided or go to for more bird spotting ideas and information!

Activity 4 My Physical Well Being - PE


Get your child moving with Cosmic Kids. It is important to keep active during these times and these videos are a fun way to continue your child’s physical development. The video is around 40 minutes long so do as much or as little as you like. This week’s video theme is dinosaurs and dragons!  Follow the Youtube link below and have fun!

We hope you have had fun today.

Tomorrow you will see several music videos with Alison and her helper Cate!

Stay safe everyone.