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Day 2

Session 1 

Making a crown out of A4 paper.



Talk about what they would like on their crown.Using google images and pictures talk about what crowns are made of? why do they use those materials?  What shapes or patterns are there?


Fold paper in half  landscape and cut fold. Design patterns on both thin sheets of paper.



Creative Play: Staple edges together and anoint them as King or Queen. They can do this for other family members or pets! 

Session 2

Pre formal- find different materials or shapes in foam/water.

Challenge: Dropping objects into water, what makes the biggest splash?


Semi and Formal- Roll dice, identify the number on the dice and write it down.


Challenge: Ask to roll dice twice and add the amount together. Small toys can be used to show amounts. E.g 3 dinosaurs add 1 dinosaur.


Challenge 2: Roll the dice three times and add amounts together. For example, 1 add 2 is 3. 1+2=3.Rolling again,  3+3=6


Session 3

Using  google maps can the children recognise popular places in Hereford. You can start with the local street or restaurant/takeaway or park. Children then can see if they recognise the local supermarket/church/ stadium/cathedral.


Ask the children what they can see? What are the places used for?




Time how long it takes to walk to different parts of town. e.g Supermarket, park, church. Which places are close and which are far?