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Day 4

Letters and Sounds 

Revisit the sounds we learnt last week. Say it, read it, write it! Please show me any words you have managed to write or spell.  I would love to give out some more certificates!


Activity 1

Design and make your own stick character

like the dinosaur in the story.

1.Use materials you can find or make such as different sized sticks/cellotape/glue/ googly eyes etc

2. Think of a name for your stick character


(Keep your stick character for tomorrow’s activity)



Using sticks in mud/ water practice forming the letters of the alphabet saying the sentences from the activity sheet


Activity 2

Can you make a bucket scale and weigh different sticks? If not find your scales in your house and weigh your sticks. Record the weight of your sticks. Can you put the different weights in order from lightest to heaviest?


Activity 3

Build a den or make a tent or a shelter. Using any resources you can think of create your own den, tent or shelter. Remember to use some sticks.