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Day 3

Story time with Liss 


Story time with Liss: Listen to Liss reading Cathy story from Australia 



Activity 1 


Starter:  Read the pages about pets and animals from the book ‘Welcome to our world’ to your child. Explore all the beautiful pictures together!  PDF pages are available below.


Main: In Cathy’s story she was talking about the different animals in her Country. Support your child thinking about if they could have any pet what could it be?  A dinosaur, a whale or a lion?  What would the need to eat, sleep? Would a lion be able to live in your house?

If you have a pet draw or take a picture of them. Can you support your child writing their name and drawing the things they like? If you don’t have a pet then draw a picture of one you would like and think of a name to give them. You can label the picture with the symbols off the support sheet

Activity 2 - My thinking 


Starter – Using your Hundred square - support your child ‘splatting’ all the tens numbers with a felt tip.  Explain that the tens number all end in zero. After you have splatted them practise counting in tens.


Go onto Education city, if you don’t have a login ask your teacher!


When on Education onto Mathematics- year 1 – activities – fractions and click on Half-and-half.  Support your child playing the activity lesson.


Link -


EXT – complete the activity sheet. 

Activity 3 - My world sensory 


Story time with Liss: Listen to Liss reading Miguel story from Mexico  


Starter - Play animal Bingo. On the bingo sheet there are different animal noises. Some are in different languages. Go onto the Google animal noises like the other week, Play the animal noise and support your child identifying it on their sheet. Can they have a go at pronouncing it in the different language?


Main- Pet sensory activity

Create a mud sensory tray using-

. mud and water 


. 2 cups of flour

. 2 table spoons of coco powder

. 2 cups of water


Gather some small world animals and place them in the mud. (if you have no small world animals you could use people or cars). Have fun getting the animal messy and exploring the mud with your child.


After, using different bowl with warm soapy water. Say to your child now the animals are all messy we need to give them a bath! Support your child cleaning the animals.