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Day 2

Activity 1 

Listening walk

1. Walk around outside or your house using a stick of your choice as a beater, tap different objects and listen to the sounds they make. Can you make loud sounds and quiet sounds? Short or long sounds?


2.List the objects you tap or take photos of you tapping them!


3.Attach some cotton wool or tissue to the end of your stick- what happens to the sound?


Using sticks in mud/ water practice forming the letters of the alphabet saying the sentences from the activity sheet

Activity 2 

Can you measure the length and height of different sticks? Which one is longer or shorter?

Use a ruler to find the exact length and height.


Activity 3 

Make your own wreath like this photo using sticks and whatever you can find to hold them together (string, cello tape, hair bobbles). Be creative dip them in paint or glitter to make yours stand out from the crowd! Add flowers/leaves for some extra wow!