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Day 3

Starter Activity - Looking and Listening games

Today's listening game is very similar to Tuesday's session. The lesson plan is given below, it will follow the same format as yesterday's task. Click on the bullet point below. 

Have fun.

Activity 1 – My Communication, Language and Literacy

  1. Today’s activity you need to go and explore your garden. If you don’t have access to a garden you can go to a park or for a walk around a wooded area/field that’s close to you. When in your outdoor area you are going to go on a hunt to see what you find. Take a bucket or bag to collect all the different things you can find. You might find a flowers, sticks, grass or different coloured leaves. When collecting the object discuss with your child what the objects are like (colour, shape, size, etc.).
  2. When back inside find the ‘Inside my garden’ writing sheet in your resource pack. Today your child’s focus is to form 5 sentences about things they have found in the outdoor area. Use the sentence stem ‘Today I found.. ‘.

They may write:  Today I found a big stick.

Encourage them to use the phonics sheet to help them spell the sounds they hear in the words.


Learning objectives:

. I can use a capital letter and full stop correctly

. I can use finger spaces

. I can use an adjective

. I can use my phonics knowledge


EXT- If your child is secure then encourage them to use ‘and’ to join two sentences.

Activity 2 – I have set aside this slot to give me time to catch up with you. I would like to schedule a time we could meet over teams to chat about how things are going with your child. If you would like to opt out please send me an email to let me know.


Activity 3 – My physical well-being – P.E.


Get your child moving with Cosmic Kids. It is important to keep active during these times and these videos are a fun way to continue your child’s physical development. The video is around 40 minutes long so do as much or as little as you like. This week’s video theme is Making Wishes, you will also take part in the Yoga disco and meet Betsy the Banana!