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Activity 1 - My Creativity, Music.

Day 4 Music

  • Sing our hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up” ready to start
  • Today we are going to sing some new and familiar songs
  • What’s in your bag song
  • Listen for a name song
  • The Queen’s carriage
  • Fingers high song
  • 1 little finger song
  • Sing our goodbye song




Symbols for

  1. Today’s session
  2. Good sitting
  3. Wind the bobbin up
  4. Song boards

Video of

Today’s music session

Activity 2 – My thinking and problem solving 


Today we are going to create a toyshop.

This role- play activity will create many opportunities to look at several different area of maths.

  1. First, we are going to use our bingo boards in our packs and we are going to match the toys with the coin cards. 
  2. Now for the fun activity. Go around the house and find some toys that we can put in the toyshop.
  3. Use the price labels to price up to toys.
  4. Use your coins from last week and role play with your child buying the toys and giving them change. The aim of this activity is that your child understands they have to give money to be able to get something.


Great idea – Make your child earn their money. Are there little jobs they could help with around the house to earn extra pennies? 


Activity 3 – My communication – phonics

Good morning!

  1. Follow the Youtube link below that will take you to today’s phonics video! The sound focus for today is the ‘th’ phoneme. In your week 2 pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘th’ phoneme.
  2. After, using the ‘Beth and Cath’ sheet in your week 2 resource pack support your child reading the story and spotting all the ‘th’ phoneme. Circle all the ‘th’ you find!

Practice writing the ‘th’ phoneme on the find and write the ‘th’ word sheet.

Activity 4 – My world and how it works – forest school

Being outside is great for your well-being and lockdown can be a very anxious time for everybody so having time having free, child-led exploration can be a real positive for everybody. This session is designed to be done outside but I am also including an ‘at home’ edition for children without access to a garden or outdoor space or those that aren’t able to leave the house.

Each Forest School session starts with a breathing activity to help us take a moment to focus on our well-being.

Sensory walk.

While you are exploring the world around you take time to use your senses. Today we are focusing on what you can touch. Make sure that you have an adult with you and don’t touch anything that you are unsure of. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before putting your fingers in your mouth!

Tick off all you can feel on your sensory walk bingo sheet.

Sneaky swan!

Have a game of hide and seek! Count to ten while your grown up hides like the sneaky swan. Can you find them? Once you find them it is your turn to hide! 

Perhaps you can help your grown up find you by making arrows out of sticks?

Create a path  

Create a path for your adult to follow!

Make a castle

The swan takes the Queen to lots of different castles in her journey to find her handbag. Your task today is to build a castle. Use the materials around you to make the castle. It can either be a small one for a Queen Bee or a big one that you can fit in. 

Don’t forget to take a photo and send it to your teacher. We would love to see them!