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Activity 1: My Communication


Lesson plan



Smash the ice cubes and match the symbols inside to symbols, farm animal toys and pictures in books. Can you make the sound they make?


Activity 2- My communication 


See activity plan and resources below - 

Activity 3 - My thinking 


Starter: Play finger aerobics. Shuffle a pack of 1-10 cards. Show a card, but don’t read it. Child quickly claps the amount of the number on the card



Main: Place 5 soft toys/small world characters in a line. These toys have had a race. This toy came first. Ask your child to put the correct ordinal number symbol by this toy.  Ask - Which toy came 3rd? Where did ‘rabbit’ come?


Then move the toys as if after another race and rpt


 Try in different ways-

Put the ordinal numbers symbols in order on the table and ask your child to put a certain toys in a certain place in the line. E.g. put the rabbit in 4th place, put the teddy in 1st place.


Too easy - try using objects that look the same but are different sizes/colours e.g. put the big, blue bear in 2nd place or the green bear etc. 


Too hard: try with 3 toys

Activity 4 - 


Please see the activity lesson plan below. Have fun!