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For this weeks learning I have adapted what we would have been doing in class. I have attached a table with all of the session and information. Below you will find the different days and the resources will be included in these files. I hope you enjoy all of the activities.


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Day 1

My Letters and Sounds

Focus: Introducing and practice writing c.

Using the PowerPoint below recap the sounds and learn the new sound ‘c’.

Attached is a sheet to practice writing c. 

Once you have tried writing on all the caterpillars cut them out and hide them around the house. Every time your child finds one encourage them to say c.

My Thinking

Focus: 2D and 3D shapes

Starter: Introduce 2D shapes. What are they called? What shapes can you see?

Using the worksheet below, can you find and identify the different shapes. 


My World and how it works

Focus: Geography/History

Who were the Egyptians?

Watch this short clip -


Day 2

My Communication

Focus: Reading comprehension

Starter: Read the story The Storm.

Stop the story at different points to engage children and check understanding.

What happened? Who were the main characters?

Can you label the different pictures from the story using symbols?

My Thinking

Focus: 2D and 3D shapes.


Identify 2D shapes of everyday objects.

Around your house, there are lots of 3D shapes can you count how many you can find? 


My Creativity and Play

Focus: Art/DT

Starter: Watch a video on how to make a kite.


If you don’t have the equipment at home to make a kite. You could make a Matariki kite.


Day 3

My Communication

Focus: To remember the story.

Starter: Re-read the story. Go over key parts. Asking the children questions checking their engagement.

 Create a story map that tells the story. Using a A4 piece of paper. Draw an S shape down the page. Get your child to draw different pictures to help tell key parts of the story.


My Physical Well-Being

Focus: Forest School

Create a treasures basket.

Go out on a windy walk and collect twigs, leaves, pine cones, conkers and anything else you might find

Come home and look at all of the different things you have found. Use the different object to create a picture. You can use paint and use the object to print. Or place a piece of paper in the bottom of a tray with some drops of paint roll and smudge the objects around.

My World and how it works

Focus: Science

Creating Shadows.

Watch this video then experiment making your own shadow puppets.




Day 4

My Independence

Focus: Safety/life skills etc.

Starter: Washing

Look through the PowerPoint. What do we wash? Why do we wash? How do we wash? What do we use to wash?

Activities: designs a hand wash bottle.

Glitter experiment.

My Letters and Sounds

Focus: Introducing and practice writing k.

Using the PowerPoint below recap the sounds and learn the new sound ‘k’.

Attached is a sheet to practice writing k.

Activity: What's in the picture? Use the kites to spell the words.



My Physical Well-Being

Focus: Yoga – copying movements and practice balance.