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Letters and Sounds


Explore the sound



Use the activity sheet saved on the website to introduce the sound and new words.

Remember to practice reading and writing it!


Activity 1


Make a knight using foil ! Can you remember the different names for the different types of armour?

Role play the story with your knight


Extension: complete some of the castle/ knight colouring and handwriting activities

Activity 2


Continuing your castle game- 

Using straws, lollipop sticks or forks (whatever you can find!) Make some guards for each tower. If each guard is 10 how many do you have altogether?

Now throw in some canons (paper balls) how many do you have altogether in each tower?


Activity 3


‘Knight Dodgeball’


Find some balls or make some using scrunched up paper, or use pillows/ cushions, pretend they are cannonballs and aim to throw it at the other person if you get hit you are out, the aim is to dodge the ball! Take turns being the knight!


Who was the best at dodging?