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Day 2

What day is it today?

Today starts with the sound 't' like teacup. But what day is it? Anna is here to tell us. 


Activity 1- Listening games


  • Sing the hello song
  • Sing “wind the bobbin up”, ready to start with hands on knees
  • Listen to the story read by Cate
  • Show vehicles in the book
  • Match the vehicles in the book
  • I am going to describe a vehicle, I will sign the vehicle to support what I am saying, and can you identify it? Point/ give symbol to mum/ dad/brother…
  • Sing our goodbye song


 Symbols for

  1. Good listening
  2. Wind the bobbin up
  3. Vehicles  in the book
  4. Matching sheet
  5.  Story, Queen, handbag, swan,

Video of

Today’s listening session



Activity 2 – My thinking and problem solving

Today we are going to create a café in our home.

This role-play activity will create many opportunities to look at several different areas of maths.

  1. We need to create opening times for our café. In your resources pack, you will a sheet that you can fill in with times that you will be open.
  2. A menu with prices. What have you got in the cupboards? Create a menu of the favourite treats and snack. Keep everything below 10p. When it’s time for a snack or lunch, encourage your child to pay for the items they want.

Too easy – Make you child add together the prices of the items they want.


Great idea – Make your child earn their money. Are there little jobs they could help with around the house to earn extra pennies? 

Activity 3 – My communication – phonics

Good morning!

  1. Follow the YouTube link below that will take you to today’s phonics video! The sound focus for today is the ‘I’ phoneme. In your Day 2 pack there is a phonics parent support sheet. This will help you with the action and rhyme that goes with the ‘I’ phoneme.
  2. After, using the ‘find the sound’ sheet in your Day 4 resource pack support your child to circle all the things on the sheet that begin with the ‘i’ phoneme.
  3. Practice forming the ‘i’ phoneme on the formation sheet. Or you can do this on paper, in flour, sand or rice. Some children may prefer to practise formation on a whiteboard with a pen if you have one.

Activity 4 – My world and how it works – science

Activity 1. Make a boat

The Queen needs to jump into a boat to chase the swan! Let’s make her a boat!  We are going to make a boat from tin foil and the instructions can be found on the PDF below.

Ext: what else could you make a boat from? Have a look around your house for boat making materials and have fun experimenting.  Don’t forget to email your teacher with photos.


Activity 2. Making a parachute to carry the Queen.  

The Queen needs to jump from a plane to chase the swan!  Can you make a parachute to help her safely land?  Instructions for how to make a parachute can be found in the PDF below. 

Ext: Can you make a better parachute than mine?