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Day 4

Before you listen to Cate taking you around the world watch Beatrice, Sofia and Sebastian sing for us. They are from Ecuador in South America and speak Spanish 


Activity 1: My Communication

Lesson plan

Our World


Activity 2 - Phonics 



Play the game Picnic and Pluto. This game will help develop your child’s skills in segmenting and blending words and identifying ‘nonsense/fake words’. If word it fake feel it to obb, if it’s real feed it to bob.


Follow the link below 


You will need to login to play this game-

Username – march20

Password – home


Click on the game Picnic and Pluto – start – phase 3 and choose a phoneme to work on.


Main: Complete the Match the Moths activity

Activity 3 - My thinking 



Follow the link -

Play the game blast off! Click on Count on and Back and select number between 0-30. Support your child listening and selecting the correct number.


Main: complete the cut and stick activity ordering the tens numbers

Activity 4- My world Around me 


Story time with Liss: Listen to Liss reading Malaika story from Tanzania



Watch the fabulous videos of some children from Bushbells School singing and saying hello to us. They are speaking in Swahili and English

Their school is in Watumu which is on the east coast of Kenya. Kenya is in East Africa just like Tanzania! 



Videos from Bushbells School,Kenya


"Jambo" is hello in Swahili.

Swahili is spoken in several countries in East Africa.

You can hear it in the film and the musical "The Lion King"