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We used our shadow puppets to create shows

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

So far this term we have enjoyed football, construction and board game club!

Summer Term 1

The summer term is here! Hopefully we will actually see some sunshine!  Our Topic this term is day and night and we will be looking at different light sources and use light to create shadows.  Our key text is "The Owl who is afraid of the dark".  Plop is a Baby Barn Owl is afraid of the dark. He is so scared he won't even go hunting with his family. So his mum sends him down from his nest-hole, where he meets a series of friends who try to convince him that perhaps there is a little bit of magic in the dark after all.

Science Week


We had lots of fun during Science week.  We experimented with apples and watched them decay over the week and also used a crystal making kit.  We loved becoming scientists for the week :)

World Book Day 2024!

We had such a great day for World Book Day.  When the children arrived at school they had a code to crack.  They innovatively used the letters to write as many of their names as possible but then worked out that the message was telling them that it was World Book Day!  The staff in class were dressed as Willy Wonka and the Oompa Lumpas.  We looked at different extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, including the fizzy lifting drinks and the invention room.  We all tried some fizzy lifting drinks and designed our own chocolate bars.  We also spent the day sharing our favourite books.  

Can you believe we are halfway through Year 5 already?  This term our topic is "Life on Earth".  To accompany this topic we will be reading "Meerkat Mail".  We will also be conducting Science experiments to learn more about how plants grow.  As well as this we have a whole week of Science this term and the topic for this week will be "Time". 

We also have our swimming sessions at Halo every Tuesday this term.

As usual, keep an eye on this page for more photos and updates.

We walked to town to look at the Black and White house. We walked along the cycle paths and used our road safety knowledge when crossing the roads nearer to town and school. We enjoyed our morning out and liked looking at the old buildings.

We loved experimenting with magnets. We found all sorts of things that were attracted to the magnet. We also learnt about the North and South Poles of magnets.

Spring Term 1

Welcome back to a short but packed half term.  This half term our topic is "Staying Safe".  We will be looking at different elements of this including staying safe inside and outside of home as well as the people who help us to stay safe.  We will also be looking at our own bodies and the importance of privacy.

Our key text, On the Way Home by Jill Murphy, tells the story of Claire, a young girl who has hurt her knee.  On the way home to her mum, Claire meets a number of her friends and comes up with lots of inventive stories about how she hurt herself.

We also hope to be able to get out of the classroom and into town to explore how Hereford has changed over the years.

When Father Christmas came to Blackmarston...

In our story, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, every day Mrs Grinling sent Mr Grinling's lunch down a wire from the house to the lighthouse.  In pairs, we made houses and lighthouses and attached wool to make the scene from the story.

We've been busy making our own role play Fire Engine

Autumn Term 2

This term we have an exciting topic, Lighting up the Past.  We will be looking at a mixture of things that create light such as fire and electricity. 

Our key text this half term is The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.  Linked to this will be healthy eating and preparing our own lunches and snacks.

Keep checking the website to see all the great work we will be doing.

Of course this term is also the run up to Christmas.  We hope you are looking forward to our Christmas Performance when we will transform from Shepherds in the Nativity scene to something you will not expect...

Lighting Up The Past Topic Web

The Wright Brothers

We took inspiration from The Wright Brothers to create our own paper airplanes.  We took turns launching them down the corridor and we had some fantastic flyers! 

Stable or Unstable

Swifts Class explored the idea of something being stable or unstable.  Jade made such a mess when she put her cup of water on an unstable surface!  The children played Jenga and tried really hard to keep the tower stable.  They also built stable structures out of Duplo and quickly learnt what type of brick worked best.

"Two cardboard boxes, big enough to sit in, hide inside"


Not quite big enough to sit inside but Swifts Class made small cardboard boxes from nets.  They were surprised at how the nets were all different layouts but still made the same shape.  Once the boxes were made the children played with them together; building towers, rockets and even using them to play catch.  Next week we are going to look at how we can strengthen our cubes. 

Autumn 1 2023

Welcome Back!  We've gone straight into the Autumn Term with an exciting topic; Makers, Creators and Inventors.  The children are keen to learn and come up with their own inventions.  We have already had some brilliant ideas including a cardboard dinosaur and a fancy caravan with a balcony!

Our key text for this term is "On Sudden Hill"; a story about 3 friends who create magical things out of cardboard boxes.  

Keep checking the website to see what we get up to smiley

On Sudden Hill by Linda Sarah and Benji Davies