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Day 4

Activity 1 

Complete the Castle labelling activity, can you spell the words? Can you complete the Castle matching activity draw a line to the correct picture? 

Extension-draw your own castle!

Activity 2 

More or less? 

Complete the Greater than / less than money madness  and working out change sheets. 

Can you find pompoms/ balls/ cotton wool/scrunch up paper to make your dragons breathe fire? Count how much fire? Decide which has more which has less? Can you write out your numbers?

Activity 3 

Recap the story. 

Find some materials around the house that would be good for making a pillow (cotton wool, clothes, Socks, balls, feathers). 

Using an old pillow case try each one out by placing them in the pillow case and laying on it/ feel each pillow. Sort your materials into soft/ hard. Which is your favourite pillow?