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My Letters and Sounds

Recap the sounds from this half term using the documents saved from previous weeks. Say, read and write words with ch,sh,th,igh,oa,ee,ng,oo (long and short sound),ai.


Activity 1

Read : welcome to our world- homes and pets


Watch the cbeebies videos of children showing us around their homes.


Talk about similarities and differences







Write a list or draw pictures of things that are the same or different to your house.

Activity 2

Play ‘Shisima’ the Kenyan Number game!

Make your game board like the picture below (the shape of an octagon) use paper coloured in for your counters or anything else you may have!

Talk about how many sides and corners an octagon has.


Using three counters each (begin with them set up like in the picture), take turns to move one of your counters, this can only be moved to the next closest corner or to the centre, there cannot be two pieces on the same space, to win the game you must have three of your counters in a row with one being in the middle (shisima).

The second picture shows the winning counters!



Activity 3


African house craft-

Use junk modelling to create your house, have a look here for more inspiration!