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Activity 1: Make your own story book

1.Draw a picture of yourself as different characters and then use cellotape placing your stick into your picture OR take photos of yourself holding the different sticks you collected  using it as different things like Stanley does in the story.


2.Underneath your pictures complete the sentence

‘This is not a stick it is a ……’


3.Staple or tie your pictures together to make your own story



Using sticks in mud/ water practice forming the letters of the alphabet saying the sentences from the activity sheet.


Activity 2: Can you make a clock out of sticks and stones? Can you tell the time using o’clock and half past?


Activity 3: Find different sized sticks thick/thin long/short, using coloured string or elastic bands tie them together like the photo to create a wind chime! See what sounds you can make if you play it like a xylophone, dip your sticks in paint or tie ribbons to them for some extra colour!