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Letters and Sounds


Explore the sound

long oo sound


Use the activity sheet saved on the website to introduce the sound and new words.

Remember to practice reading and writing it!


Activity 1

Complete the Castle labelling activity, can you spell the words? Can you complete the Castle matching activity draw a line to the correct picture?



Extension-draw your own castle!


Activity 2

More or less

 Can you find pompoms/ balls/ cotton wool/scrunch up paper to make your dragons breathe fire? Count how much fire? Decide which has more which has less? Can you write out your numbers?



Activity 3


Recap the story

Find some materials around the house that would be good for making a pillow (cotton wool, clothes, Socks, balls, feathers)


Using an old pillow case try each one out by placing them in the pillow case and laying on it/ feel each pillow.


Sort your materials into soft/ hard.


Which is your favourite pillow?