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Follow the link below to the Kingfisher Hello song to start the week


Below is an example of a sensory story by the author Julia Donaldson. It is about a duck which fits in nicely with next week's topic, Farms.

You will all know some Julia Donaldson stories, they include The Gruffalo and A Squash and A Squeeze.


Sensory Story

A sensory story uses items that can be found around the house. If you don’t have some of the items, don’t worry! There are lots of things that you can exchange them for. A sensory story should be a calm and relaxed way of experiencing a tale and you may find that your child doesn’t like some of the sensory aspects. Follow your child's lead and adapt the story to what they like.

We are once again helping the Queen to find her handbag! The words are on the sensory massage sheet or you can use the video of Liss from Kingfishers reading the story.

The Queen's handbag sensory story

Activity 2 - My communication and literacy  


  1. In the class story the Queen drives and rides lots of different form of transport. Did you notice? Explain to your child that transport if something that helps us get from one place to another like a car or scooter. Watch this video to help your child learn about different forms of transport-


Go through the video of the story and see if you can spot 5 different type of transport.

  1. In your home learning pack week 2 you will find a sheet with picture cards of different types of transport from the story. You will also find a sheet called ‘match me up’. Support your child matching up the transport to the correct UK Landmark the Queen uses them in the story. For example, she uses the motor bike at Stonehenge and the boat at Giant’s Causeway etc.  You have 5 to match up!
  2. After, write the initial sounds of the different forms of transport next to the image. For example, car – c and boat – b. Use the phonics support sheet to help your child identify the sounds in the words.  Ask your child what sound does the word c c c car start with? Really over exaggerate the initial sound.

Learning objective-

I can identify initial sounds

I can form some letter correctly


To tricky – say/point to the initial sound

To easy – try and write the other sounds you can hear in the word

EXT- can you draw a picture of your favourite transport?

Activity 3 - My thinking number 


Today we are going to look at doubles and we are going to use the Queen’s favourite dog the corgi to help us.

  1. First, listen this catchy doubles song.
  2. In your packs, you will find your corgi doubles to 10 sheet. Help your child to draw out the sausages so both dogs have the same. Encourage them to count how many they need.
  3. Fun game to finish – Pin the tail on the corgi. Help your child to cut out the different tails. Wear a blindfold, spin round, and pin the tail. Can you would out who is the closest?   

Activity 4 – My creativity and play – Art and design


Hello. It’s time to be creative.

Please open the PDF file below for your activities.