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Day 3

Story time with Liss


 Listen to Liss reading Sadako story from Japan   


Activity 1 - My Communication 


Starter:  Read the pages about food from the book ‘Welcome to our world’ to your child. Explore all the beautiful pictures together!  PDF pages are available below.


Main: Choose a meal you make in your house. This could be something as simple as cereal/toast or you could make something a bit more complex like a cake or soup. If you want you could make a dish that is traditional in a culture that’s different to yours.


I have attached some simple and non-cook recipes if you wanted to have a go at something new.  Remember lots of dishes we eat in this country originate from other countries, such as flat bread, chilli and even crepes. We are so lucky that we get to experience and share these different dishes every day. You might find you already make something in your house that is a traditional dish of another culture.


When you are supporting your child to make the dish please take photos of each step.


. If you have access to a printer you could print  out the photos and ask your child to put them in the correct order


. You could support your child writing/mark making  a list of the ingredients you will need to make your dish


. You could draw a picture of your dish

Activity 2 - My thinking 


It is time to explore the tens frame again! If you feel you child is confident with understanding that the tens frame represents ten you can now start to move on to using two frames. If you don't go back and recap Monday's lesson and I've attached a tens frame/number bond memory game for you to have a go! 



You will need: two tens frame, two different coloured counters or cubes or small lego etc.


First, say to your child we are going to be exploring adding numbers together that make more than ten. Remind them that when the frame is full it will always be ten so we don't need to count all the counters we can just start from ten! 


Begin with having one tens frame full with the same coloured counters and adding on from ten. For example, start with 10 'red' counters say we are going to add 3 to our 10. Model moving 3 (different coloured counters) onto the second tens frame. Explain that because the first frame is full we have to go onto another one. Now we need to see what the answer is! Remind your child we don't need to count all the counter on the first frame as we know it's ten! Then model counting on from ten - '10, 11, 12, 13.  10 and 3 makes 13)  RPT counting on from ten a few times to build your child's confidence. 


When you feel then are ready try with lower numbers e.g. 7 + 5 or 9 + 8. This time support your child placing the first amount of counters onto the first frame (one colour) and then adding the second number onto the first frame (until full) then moving onto the second. Again, remind your child they don't need to count the first frame to find the answer as we know it's ten! So to find the answer they need to count on from 10 again.


Write them down to keep track!

Storytime with Liss 


Listen to Liss reading Stavros story from Greece


Activity 3 - My Independence 


For this activity you will need: Preferably 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables but it doesn’t matter if you choose to use a different type of food.


This is a great activity for children who are tactile defensive or find trying new food difficult.

If you child is nil by mouth then skip the tasting part of the video.

This is a time for your child to explore their sense so encourage them to smell/touch/taste/hear/look but if they don’t want to that is okay too! If they are reluctant to taste then them smelling or touching the food is a great accomplishment!



Watch the Sensology video with you child. Make sure you have you 5 pieces of food with you. Follow the steps and join in with the songs!