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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Day Three

My Communication

Today we are carrying on from our colourful semantics work we did yesterday. Today we are going to use the sentence structure we worked on to create sentences that describe the pictures. In your packs, you will find the worksheet – week 2 day 3 activity 1. Cut out the words and place them in the correct order to make a sentence.

Too easy – try writing the sentence you can always copy the words to help with spelling.

My Thinking

You will need a bucket, cup, bowl or bottle. You can complete this activity in a water play tray, the bath or sink. How many cups of water does it take to fill your bucket, cup bowl and bottle? Explore the concepts full, empty. Can you tip water into your bucket so it is full? Tip some out so it is empty? Model using capacity posters (week 2 day 3 activity 2).

My World and How it Works

 Like last week, we will be looking at light. Today we will be making a sun catcher. In your packs, you will find some different coloured cellophane and a clear plastic sheet. Cut up the cellophane into different shapes and stick to the clear plastic sheet. Let your child explore around the house or outside looking through the coloured cellophane. Talk about what colours they can see. How the objects change. Once the exploring has finished stick it up on a window and see the colours it makes in the room.